Pretty boys, handsome girls

For the annual International Transgender Day of Visibility, an extract from Boy & Girl about pretty boys and handsome girls. Read the extract on Author's Notes.
Activism and government

Activism and government

Not only do neglected stories need to be heard, but also the narrators need to present their stories in a way that can be heard and adhered to. Read more on Author's Notes
Contradicting someone’s feelings

Contradicting someone’s feelings

Parents do it. Friends do it. Even strangers do it. Denying your feelings. As if they knew better what you feel. But the damage they cause is considerable... Read more on Author's Notes.

“Anyone got a can-opener?” Opening up the Internet

Changing ways things are done has little to do with telling people what to do, but more with creating a framework for them to develop their own ways… (read more)
Tiles for the homeless


Read one of the poignant stories Annie records in Stories People Tell, those whose voices don't get heard. This one about homelessness. (Read more)
Silence of snow

Silence is more than the absence of sound …

Kate on the quality of silence in a snow-bound world. A short extract from We Girls Show the Way. (Read more)
30% discount on Smashwords

30% discount on Smashwords

Get any of Alan McCluskey’s novels in ebook format for 30% off as part of Smashwords Authors Give Back Sale. The sale lasts till April 20th 2020.
Stop the world!

Stop the world, I wanna get off!

Challenging the underlying postulates of the Information Society: the global community, shrinking space, accelerating of time, the pervasive network… (read more)
Distracted world

The Distracted World. Being and not being in a mediated world

Distraction could be said to be a deficit of “presence”, where presence is a perceivable quality of being in the relationship to ourselves, to others and to the world… (read more on Connected Magazine)
Unruly Minds

Unruly minds…

This confusion of branches and trees in an abandoned forest boarded by a psychiatric clinic seems evocative of the unruly minds that wander the woods… Click to visit the gallery on Secret Paths Artworks.