We can still fix this!

We can still fix this!

Greta Thunberg and George Monbiot with The Guardian have made a short video about how nature can be used to repair the broken climate. See more on Secret Paths Worlds Apart.
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Road Art

Road Art

Recently the talented employees of the local council have created an immense gallery of artwork in an openair setting that is accessible to visitors day and night. See the gallery on Secret Paths Artworks
Boy & Girl drawing

Out of chaos. a new gender paradigm?

Out of Chaos, a new gender paradigm, is an article inspired by Chaos Theory that takes a different look at gender and healing as part of the reflection behind the new book, Girl, Boy or Whatever. Read more on Secret Paths Author's Notes.
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Who’s for mushrooms?

Recent rain has had the mushrooms shooting up throughout the forest. At this time of the year there are more mushrooms than flowers. See more in the gallery on Secret Paths Artworks
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Still Life

Still Life – What an odd expression

Still life, what an odd expression. Life is constant movement, whereas stillness is characteristic of death. This bouquet teeters on the verge of death... Read more in Secret Paths Author's Notes.
Woman or man?

The Inseparable Pair

Girl or Boy? Why Choose? For me there is something special about being a boy who dresses as a girl. Ambivalence is an important part of who I am. Thoughts about a new novel in the Boy & Girl series. See Author's Notes.

Dialogues: marrying words and images in the Hot Springs Park

Dialogues, marrying words and images, is the 14th exhibition in the Saint-Gervais Thermal Park in Le Fayet. See the complete gallery of photos on Secret Paths Artworks.

Art in a carpark

In 2017, Saint-Gervais invited 11 internationally renowned artists to create artwork for an eleven-storey carpark in the centre of town.  See the full gallery of photos on Secret Paths Artworks.
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June flowers

June flowers

Flowers attract, that is what they are made for. With their colours, their wistful forms. their delicate perfumes, they are a real delight. See the complete gallery on Secret Paths Artworks.
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Fountains in Saint-Blaise

2019: Grève des femmes – Women’s strike

A small group of women from Saint-Blaise got together to mark the 2019 Women’s Strike in the village on June 14th by decorated the many fountains (...) See the gallery of photos on Secret Paths Artworks.